Solder Paste Softener
Model: SPS-2000

World’s First, built-in temperature monitoring system makes
solder paste in the best condition, regardless of difference of
the temperature at the time of operation start,
room temperature, viscosity of solder paste.
● High speed revolution, approx.1000rpm, softens solder paste
in a short time.
● Built-in auto-balance system adjusts the balance
automatically depending on solder paste weight.

Solder Paste Softener
Model: SPS-1・SPS-2

● Soften solder paste as it is in a commercially available
container, no longer concerned about oxidation and humidity.
● Automated operation assured gentle softening, and
unlike hand mixing, provides even consistency.
● 10~20 minutes operation enables to use even solder paste
immediately after taking out from a refrigerator.