This solder paste softener build-in temperature monitoring function. Solder paste is mixing until good condition for printing.

Auto-balancer Function


  • ●High speed revolution, approx.1000rpm, allows for mixing in short time.
  • ●Temperature monitoring function makes solder paste the best condition.
  • ●Built-in auto-balancer function for adjusting the balance, depending on weight automatically.
  • ●Makes the appropriate rotation profile freely by PC.

product specification

Item Specification
Model Name SPS-2000
Outer Dimension 370(W)×410(D)×402(H)(mm)(not including protrusions)
Mixing Method One container kneading : Spinning and revolving centrifugal type
Mixing Material Solder Paste
Paste Container Sizes 200 to 500g capacity container
(Various containers can be used by using dedicated adapters.)
Setting System Adapter attachment system
Balance Auto-Balancing
(Applicable for 250-550g (container weight included) with 500g container)
Speed Range Revolving speed : Max. 1000rpm
Spinning speed : 1/3 the revolving speed
Speed Setting Range 300rpm - 1000rpm
Temp. Setting Range 10C - 50C
Temperature display range 0C - 50C
Built-in Timer Settable 1sec. - 60min. Less than 10min (1sec/unit), 10min or more (10sec/unit)
Safety Interlocks Locked during operation, Unbalanced Motion Detector
Memory Function Allow to memorize settings. (Max.8 items)
Power Supply AC100V (+/-10V) 50Hz/60Hz
Operating Environment 10-40C, 20-80%RH (No condensation)
Power Consumption 180W
Weight Approx. 25kg
  • * The above specifications are subject to change without notice.