Compliant to JIS, IEC & ANSI standard
Prevent Component Dropping.
Tackness is quantitatively measured in three motions.

Electronic Materials,Adhesive Materials


  • ● Measure the adhesive strength of materials such as solder paste. Measurement items: Tackiness, Load and Insertion Depth
  • ● There are three insertion methods, making it possible to measure under the conditions closer to the actual mounting manner.
  • ● It is useful to feed back the difference of the tackiness obtained by changing the set conditions to the production site in a timely manner.

product specification

Item Specification
Model Name TK-1S
Load Sensor Range 0 - 400gf +/-2gf
Resolution 0.25gf
Measurement Methods (1) Continuous preload, JIS (2) Insertion depth (3) Point preload, IPC
Parameters Measured (1) Tackiness : T gf (2) Real Preload : P gf (3) Real Insert depth : D μm
Preset Ranges (1) Preload : -20 - -400gf
(2) Time : 0.1 - 99.9s
(3) Speed : 1.0 - 10.0mm/s (Continuous preload / Insertion depth)
                 2.0 - 600.0mm/min (Point preload)
(4) Depth : 20 - 200μm *
(5) Temperature : Room temp. +10C - 250C
Accessories ● Hand printer with 0.2 mm mask ● Test piece, 5.1 -mm dia. probe
Outputs Digital RS232C
Weight Approx. 10kg
  • * In the testing method with continuous loading insertion speed is setting value until Retraction speed 120mm/min.
       and over 120mm/min, insertion speed is 120mm/min.
  • * The above specifications are subject to change without notice.