World's First, Uniformly Stir and Defoam the phosphor, dispersing agent and encapsulant as they are in syringes. Process Shortening & Making good use of LED materials.
The combination of variable angle and centrifugal rotation enables agitation and defoaming of various materials without removing the syringe.

Two way Rotation
Syringe Mixing


●Compatible with various electronic and chemical materials. Silver / gold paste, LED phosphor, semiconductor encapsulant, solder paste, etc.
● By adopting a unique variable rotation angle and centrifugal rotation method, substances with different specific gravities can be diffused uniformly as a syringe.
● Compatible with 5 to 50 CC containers.
● Vacuum function can completely remove submicron bubbles.
● It is not necessary to transfer the container because the syringe is agitated.

product specification

Item Specification
Model Name SY-8VMCS
Syringe 10cc x 16pcs. or 30cc x 8pcs. or 55cc x 8pcs. (selectable on request)
Mixing Method Rotation variable angle method
Mixing Capacity 2cc~10cc / ~30cc / ~55cc
Adapter 10cc x 4pcs. / 30cc, 55cc x 2pcs.
Rotation Speed(Variable angle) Revolution: 200~700rpm / Rotation: 1/2.4 of revolution speed
Rotation Speed(Centrifugal rotation) Revolution: 200~1500rpm
Max. Vacuum Pressure 0.5kPa
Operation Settings Max. 10 steps 8 steps (rpm・Time・Vacuum) 2 steps (Time・Vacuum)
Safety Functions Door Lock sensor, Abnormal vibration sensor, Signal Tower (optional)
Memory Function Allow to memorize settings. (max. 10 items)
Power Source 100V, 120V, 220V, 240VAC, 50/60Hz (selectable on request)
Power Consumption 30W during standby / Max. 1kW during operation
Outer Dimensions 610 (W) x 645 (D) x 910 (H) (mm)
Weight Approx. 130 kg
  • ※ Depending on total weight of syringes, the specified rotation speed may be unavailable.For rotation speed setting,
        please refer to the followings.
  •     Syringe size,RPM
  •     55cc x 8pcs.,Max. 600rpm
  •     55cc x 4pcs.,Max. 700rpm
  •     10cc x 16pcs.,Max. 700rpm
  • *  The above specifications are subject to change without notice.