Compliant to JIS, ISO, IEC, IPC & MIL standard
ISO9455-16 IEC60068-2-54、60068-2-69 ANSI J-STD-003,MIL-STD-883 (METHOD 2022.2),IPC-TM-650(
Wetting Balance(Micro)


  • ●The entire procedure, from Flux application (w/ Flux Temperature
       Control Function) to Measurement End is automated. Reducing
       unstable measurement results, and user error.
  • ●Complies with the Wetting test method according to JIS Z3198
       (Lead Free Solder Test Method) standards.
  • ●Easily change Solder and Flux when necessary.
  • ●Electro-Balance Sensor detects a small force.
  • ●Efficiently analyze data with the exclusive PC software. (option)
  • ●An optional cover allows for wetting evaluation in a N2 environment.
  • ●Micro Wetting Balance Measuring method is available.(option)


product specification

Item Specification
Model Name SWB-2
Load sensor Principle Electro-Balance Sensor (EBS)
Measuring Range 30mN - -30mN
Accuracy ±0.05mN
Resolution 0.01mN
Temp. Sensor Measuring Range 0 - 450C
Accuracy ±3℃
Insertion Time 1 - 200s
Insertion Depth 0.01 - 20.00mm (0.01mm step)
Insertion Speed 0.1~30mm/s
Solder Temp. Setting Room Temp. - 400C (Micro-wetting : Room Temp. - 320C)
Japanese Standard Automatic Measurement (Flux Application, Removal and Measurement) JIS Z3198-4 and C60068-2-54 ,C60068-2-54,C6008-2-69 JEITA ET7411 (Solder Bath)
International Standard ISO 9455-16 IEC 60068-2-54 and 60068-2-69 (Solder bath) ANSI J-STD-003, MIL STD-883 (Method 2022.2) and IPC TM-650 (
N2 Measurement Oxygen Concentration : 500ppm max. (optional)
Power Supply

AC100,115,220,240V (To be specifired when ordering) Approx 400W

Outer Dimension 300(W)×330(D)×370(H)(mm)
Weight Approx. 16kg
  • * The measurement accuracy of the load sensor excludes the error margin such as the vibrations or others.
  • * When high-speed infiltrating, the vibration of the table might influence the measurement result.
  • * The above specifications are subject to change without notice.