SP-2 is wettability testing machine for solder paste, parts electrode and PC board, adopted SP-Tension-Method (Temperature Profile Method)

Three measurement methods
Observation the process of wetting


  • ●Can test and evaluate solder paste, PC board and parts-lead.
  • ●All wetting process can be observed from glass windows.
  • ●"Wetting Balance Measuring Method","Micro-Wetting Balance Measuring Method", and "Quick Heating Method"
        are possible optionally.
  • ●Can simulate reflow oven profile with hot air and N2 purge.
  • ●Electro-balance sensor adopted allows detection of very small force.The wettability of microchips can now be
       examined by this unit.
  • ●Analyze wetting time and force with exclusive software.
  • ●Solder wire testing is also available.

product specification

Item Specifications
Load Sensor Principle Electro - balance sensor
Measurement range 10.00gf~-5.00gf
Measurement accuracy * ± (10mgf + 1 digit)
Resolution Less than 900 mgf: 0.001 gf More than 900 mgf: 0.005 gf
Temp. Sensor Measurement range 0~300℃
Measurement accuracy ±3℃
Heater unit Temp. of heater unit Room temperature ~ 300℃
O2 Concentration Simple closed heater unit with nipple for N2 purge test
Temp. profile setting 1. Preheat temp.
2. Preheat time
3. The rate of temp. rise 3℃ /sec. (standard)
4. Maximum temp.
5. Maximum temp. time
Melting point Preset solder paste melting point
Table movement Automatic: operated by PC
Manual: operated by Up/Down switch (selectable 3 steps speed)
Digital output RS-232C cable (Malcom format)
Air supply

Original air pressure: 0.2~0.5 Mpa (Approx. 2~5 kgf / cm2)

Adjustment air: 0.2 Mpa (Approx. 2kgf / cm2 )

Power supply AC100V 50 / 60Hz 700W
Weight Approx. 20kg
  • *Load sensor accuracy is not concerned oscillation.