Now plus α Observation Monitor for RCX-1 Reflow Checker (Modular Type) is available!

Combine with RCX-1 to look in a reflow oven.


Please click HERE for sample video.



  • ● Monitor a video of observation in the reflow oven.
  • ● A removable carmera enables to obserrve from various angles.

Image example 1

0.5mm Pich CSP (Side view)

Image example 2

0402Chip (Top view)

product specification

Item Specification
Model Name RCX-C
Main Unit RCM-C
Camera Separate type, Heat-resistant color camera
Cable length 50cm (scheduled)
Moving image format ASF (scheduled)
Max Recording time 10min (Battery and heat resistant time are not included)
Outer dimensions Camera unit : 44 (W) x 84 (D) x 19 (H) mm ※ 1
Heat resistant case: 65 (W) x 370 (D) x 25 (H) mm ※2
  • * 1 It differes from the heat resistant time of memory unit.
  • * 2 It is the experimental value by AAA battery. The max. measuring time depens on battery capacity.
  • * The above specifications are subject to change without notice.

Cooling Unit

Item Specification
Model name RCF-3
Power supply 100V~240V AC, (approx. 15W) 50/60Hz
Fan Square 120 mm (2.9 m3 /min. Max.) 2 pcs.
Input gas Rc 1/8 screw connection Air 0.5Mpa following
Outer dimensions 350(W)×240(D)×160(H) (㎜)
Weight Approx. 5kg