●World Standard for Solder Paste Quality Control
●Spiral pump sensors and system measure materials of high thixotrophy reproducibly.

World Standard


Rotational viscometer of co-axial double cylinder type by spiral pump method.

product specification

Item Specification
Model Name PCU-201 PCU-203 PCU-205
Sensor Malcom Spiral Pump Type
Measurement Range Pa・s 5Pa・s - 800Pa・s
Speed Range N 1 - 50RPM
Shear Rate D (0.6 x N) s-1
Measurement Accuracy +/-5% of indicated value
Speed Accuracy +/-2% of set point
Repeatability +/-0.5%
Temp. Control Range Room temperature +/-5C (setting range15~35C) with built-in heater unit
Other Functions Contact output, buzzer (In the case of the set viscosity value)
Recorder Output Viscosity : 1mV/Pa・s, Temperature : 10mV/C
Printer Display Temp, Visc, S.Rate, RPM, Date, Time
Automatic Measurement --- JIS Standard method JIS plus On-line method*
Interface --- --- RS-232C
Outer Dimension 275(W)×215(D)×465(H)(mm)
Power Supply AC100V~240V 50/60Hz 70VA
  • * The measurement accuracy is guaranteed with the silicon oil by 10 rpm.
  • * The above specifications are subject to change without notice.

【On-Line Method】

Control, acquisition and computation of flow characteristics, thixotropic index, recovery ratio, fluid constant.

  • * Recorder Output and computer communication(RS-232C) can not use at the same time.
  • * PCU-201 and PCU-203 do not have computer communication(RS-232C)