A micro spiral viscometer for easy and accurate viscosity measurement at only 0.2cc.
Ideal for measuring and analyzing expensive and rare materials.
It is easy to set up and can be measured without any individual differences.
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The ultrasonic cleaner in the photo is an image. (Not included.)
0.2cc Small Amount
JIS Z 3285


  • ●Measure the Viscosity &Thixotropy with 0.2cc, Small Amount of Sample.
  • ●Malcom’s Unique Spiral Sensor realizes continuous measurement of non-newtonian fluids with good repeatability.
  • ●The measurement settings & data save are easily available with the software.

●PCU-02V is a optimum device for Expensive Materials Testing & Analysis, obtaining the Viscosity Characteristics with 0.2cc, Small Amount of sample.

●New-developed Spiral Pump Sensor enables to measure materials having high Thixotropy with good repeatability. (constant Shear rate & time)
●Temp. Control function allows for more accurate measurement and temp. characteristics analysis.
●The software makes it possible for Automatic Measurement & etc.

product specification

Measurement Range20~300Pa.s (20~50Pa.s 20rpm ・50~300Pa・s 10rpm)
Sample Amount0.2cc
Speed Range (N)1~100RPM
FIX: 10rpm
Shear Rate (D)0.6×Ns-1
Measurement Accuracy±5% of the indicated value
Speed Accuracy±2%
Temp. Control Range15~40℃ (when the room temp. is 25℃) Built-in thermostat
Temperature0~50℃ Resolution: 0.1℃ Accuracy: ±0.5℃
Digital DisplayViscosity ・ Temp. ・ rpm
Digital OutputUSB
Recorder OutputViscosity: 1mV/Pa・s Temp: 10mV/℃
CalibrationJIS Z8809 Standard Fluid for Viscosity Calibration or
Semi-standard calibration fluid KF96 (option)
Power SupplyAC100V~240V 50/60Hz 100VA
Outer Dimension315(D) x 335(W) x 376(H) mm
WeightApprox. 8kg (including sensor part, approx. 1kg)

* Measurement Accuracy is the accuracy of the PCU-02V tested with Semi-standard calibration fluid under the room temp. 25±2℃ & 10rpm.
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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