The specific gravity controller correspondence to the low rosin flux.

Automatic concentration control
1/10000 Display


  • ●The specific gravity of the flux is automatically managed.
  • ●Built-in Microcomputer control all function.
  • ●The specific gravity of the flux is digitally displayed.(1/10000 digits)
  • ●The flux temperature is digitally displayed.
  • ●Temperature correction (20C conversion) circuit is built-in.
  • ●Moisture compensation circuit (0% conversion) is built-in .
  • ●RS232C output is built-in.
  • ●Automatic management of the flux level.
  • ●Flux tank empty alarm.

product specification

Item Specification
Model Name MS-9C
Specific Gravity Range 0.8000 - 0.9000 (0.7500 - 0.8500) Chang-over switch
Specific Gravity Accuracy +/-0.0030
Temperature Correction for Specific Gravity Built-in temperature correction circuit (20C conversion).
Moisture compensation of Flux moisture compensation circuit built-in.(0% conversion)
Liquid Depth Management Between 5mm of the upper/lower limits.
Temperature measurement Range 0 - 50C (Pt Temp. Sensor)
Temp. Accuracy +/-0.5C
Moisture rate measuring range in liquid 0 - 9.9%
Moisture rate accuracy +/-1%
Supply method of liquid (Pump Capacity) Automatic pump supply (Head:1m, 500ml/min)
Liquid Empty Alarm Automatically signals alarm: buzzer & LED (red), output relay
Usage Tank 18L (direct use possible)
Output Relay Digital : RS232C, B9600, C8, NP, S1
Analog : DC4-20mA
Sensor Cord 3m
I/O tube 6m
Material Quality Vinyl Chloride, Stainless Steel, PE, PP, EPT, Polyurethane, Viton, Fluorocarbon, PA
Operation Temperature 10 - 50C
Power Supply AC100V (or AC200V) 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption Rating: 35VA
Fuse 2A
Weight 11kg
  • * The above specifications are subject to change without notice.