Dip Tester For Selective Solder Machine DS-10S

Dip Tester For Selective Solder Machine

The Dip Tester DS-10S for Selective Soldering Equipment improves process management efficiency by measuring Solder temperature, Soldering time, temperature rising condition, moving speed and solder dimensions a once.

Inline multi-coupling support
Easy operation


● Solder Temp. Sensor
Special Feature for DS-10S
The sensor part with a small heat capacity accurately measure the solder temperature
and atomosphere of the device.
● Dip Time Sensor
Detect electrical continuity and measure solder contact time.
● Pre-heat Sensor
Temperature sensor temperature rise and peak measurement in the sensor board
allows relative control of the device state.
● Measurement of Moving Speed
Measure the size of the nozzle by scanning X and Y on two dip time sensors.
● Profile Measurement
Displays the profile of the solder temperature
sensor and preheat sensor.
● DS-10S Software
Perform various management such as OK/NG
judgment and data analysis.
(Pre-heat temp. Dip time, Solder temp.
X-Y speed, Solder size X, Y and etc.)

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