Data transmission to a PC by USB cable, creating a profile function.
Dedicated software realizes high level of man
Putting it a conveyor to flow through a solder bath to obtain information needed to manage it.
● USB connection to a PC, the dedicated software enables for OK/NG judgment and the management of the test results.
● The created temperature profile makes it possible to monitor the 50ms sampling temperature of the preheat and solder temperature sensors in addition to the conventional management items.
● The heat-resistant cover for high heat load such as Nitrogen oven and etc. is available as an option.
● Equipped with a New Dip Time Sensor, providig a more accurate measurement.

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Temperature profile

General Specifications


Items Speifications
Cold contact point compensation Compensation with platinum temp. measuring resistor
Heatresistant temp. 150℃ 5minutes
Display LCD
External connection USB (mini B connector)
Number of memories 1
Sampling time 0.1s(fix)
Outer dimensions・Weight 214(D)mm x 78(W)mm 43.6(H)mm 820g
Power supply AAA batteries x 2pcs. (Ni-MH rechargeable battery is also available.)

Measurement Data Specifications

Items Snsor Display Measurement range Accuracy OK/NG judgment
Prehdat temp. CA thermocouple Digital LCD 3-digit 50~300℃ ±1℃ PC software
Solder temp. CA sheath thermocouple Digital LCD 3-digit 0~300℃ ±1℃ PC software
Dip timie (1st・2nd) Electrode (4pcs.) Digital LCD 3-digit 0~10sec. ±0.2sec. PC software
Temp. profile Preheat・Solder temp. PC software 0~300℃ ±1℃
  • The above specifications are subject to change without notice.