The continuous monitoring of moisture, such as cleaning equipment.


  • ●Moisture measurement, in-line type.
  • ●Built in water supply pump.
  • ●Output for moisture control, alarm, and recorder.

product specification

Item Specification
Model Name CA-10A
Measurement Principle Infared Absorption
Range Moisture: 0 - 15%
Accuracy +/-0.8
Measurement Method Auto & Manual measurement Rate: 0.4 LPM Head:1m (Diaphragm pump) Rate: 0.6 LPM Head:1m (Geared pump)
Measurement Timer Interval 1min ~ 99min
Water Supply Pump Internal water pump (Rate: 0.4 LPM 1m)
Water Supply Timer User specified with a dip switch on the back of the controller. (1~45sec or 1~45min)
Tube Fitting 1/8PT 8(outside dia)× 6(inside dia) Nylon (teflon) tube
Output * Moisture Management Water pump is in use. Output terminal CD
* Warning Over Limit Output Terminal EF / Buzzer Add to liquid level Output Terminal GH / Buzzer / Empty Lamp New liquid level Output Terminal GH / Buzzer / Empty Lamp
Recorder Output Analog 1~5V (0%:1V 20%:5V) Digital RS232C (1200B, 8C, 1S, NP)
Input Water replenishment control Coupler & relay input terminal.
Measurement Permission Coupler & relay input terminal.
Air Purge 0.1MPa (1kg/cm2) Dryer
Power Supply AC100V±10% 50/60Hz 2A
Outer Dimension Cotroller: 290(W)×260(D)×108(H)(mm) Sensor: 263(W)×294(D)×270(H)(mm)
Weight 12kg (controller & sensor)
  • * The external output terminal becomes an output terminal (AC100V 1A).
  • * The above specifications are subject to change without notice.