Ointment, and then kneading the cream in the container quickly


  • ● Can also set any container free standard holder
  • ● Built-in auto-balancer (adjusted automatically without having weighed the weight of the vessel, kneading)
  • ● In the defoaming effect, even smoother finish

product specification

Item Specification
Model AB-1
Outer size 405(W)×340(D)×385(H)(mm)
Method One container mixing:Rotation & Revolution Centrifugal mixing Method
Mixture object Ointment medicine for medical treatment
The size of the container Container size 10~60ml : Use Adjustable holder (10~60ml)
Container size 100~120ml : Use Adjustable holder (100~120ml)
※ The container for 250ml is for the option.
RPM Revolution speed : 300~2000rpm
Rotation :1/2.3 of the Revolution speed
Timer Max 9Min 59sec
Safety Function Door locked during operation, Stop when abnormal vibration
Weight Adjustment Auto-Balancer Function (Amount 10g~250g (container weight)
Memory Function 9(maximum) setting conditions are possible the memory.
Power source AC100V(±10V)50Hz/60Hz
  • * When kneading (including container weight), which corresponds to the rotational speed 1800rpm 250g.
  • * The above specifications are subject to change without notice.

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