The production board is heated as it is, and the warpage is measured in 3D.


● Reproduces a state close to the actual reflow environment by convection heating with hot air
● Compatible with large boards, maximum board (parts) dimensions 360x360mm Height ± 30mm
● Uses a high-speed, high-precision sensor to measure warpage / displacement and coplanarity of substrates and parts in a heated state.
● JEITA ED7306 Package warpage measurement method compliant

R&D, quality control, etc.

Product specification

Item Specification
Model Name SRS-3L
Applicable Circuit Board Up to 360mm×360mm
:Device height 30mm or less
Outer Dimension 1344W×900D×1290H
Observation device dimensions 700W×452D×168H(mm)
Heater section dimension 516W×170D×335H(mm)
Air circulation device 431W×140D×500H(mm)
Heating Method Hot air(air or N2 air)
Cooling Method Flowing air or N2 air (with flow adjustable valve)
Power Supply 200V 50/60Hz 10kVA 3Phase
External gas 0.3~0.5MPa 100L/min(MAX)
Oxygen concentration At least about 100ppm
Measurement temperature range 0~330℃
Nitrogen consumption 100L/min
Number of measurement points 9ch
Scan time (X-axis, Y-axis) 150mm/sec
Control software SRS-3 Windows10
Weight About400kg
Sensor head specifications
Measurement height (object from sensor) 245mm
Measurement range (Z-axis height) ±34mm
X axis (width) 72mm
light source Blue semiconductor laser
Wavelength 405nm(Visible light)
Laser class Class 2M
Laser output 10mW
Repeatability Z axis (height) 1μm
Repeat accuracy X-axis (width) 3μm
Linear Z-axis (height) ±0.04%
Temperature characteristics 0.01%ofF.S./℃
Sampling cycle (trigger interval)) Max64kHz
Camera specifications
Item Specification
Camera type Single plate color camera
Image sensor 1/1.8
Total resolution 1688 x 1236 Approximately 2 million pixels
frame rate 30FPS


  • ※ The above specifications are subject to change without notice.